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What are communication credits?

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 10:24AM EDT
Subsection: Phone & Text
Package: Communication, Basic Plus, Premier
Difficulty: Easy 


To better stay informed on communication credits, their functionality, and how to purchase more when low.


Communication credits are used to send phone calls and text messages to your community. 1 credit has the value of a 60 second phone call or a 320-character text message (140 characters if it contains special characters). All Credits round up to the nearest credit.
We will not prevent you from communicating if you are in the negative credit balance, long term you may face repercussions such as eventually being shut off from Pilera. 

How to:
  1. VIEW COMMUNICATION CREDITS through the announcement or message pages. The current credits can be located at the top of the page just below the navigation.

  3. AUTO-GENERATED REPORTS can also be given access to select members of your team that informs you of all your communities that are currently in a negative balance. This is a great way to quickly see who needs more communication credits. 

  1. Purchase a large quantity of credits in advanced, they don’t expire and save you the hassle in the long run!
  2. Contact to connect the person responsible for bills to the auto-generated reports so they know which communities need more credits purchased. 


Even if you don’t use phone and text very often they can be the last and more effective stand during a crisis. Keep enough communication credits in each community to deal with any serious storms, crimes, or other emergencies that could occur. 

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