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How do I add more communication credits to my community?

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 10:54AM EDT
Subsection: Phone & Text
Package: Communication, Basic Plus, Premier
Difficulty: Easy 


To teach you best practices for purchasing communication credits and how to purchase communication credits.


 You can purchase communication credits by submitting the COMMUNICATION RECHARGE FORM HERE.

Best Practices:
  1. ONE COMMUNICATION CREDIT PER DOOR MINIMUM means that during an emergency the chances of depleting all your communication credits are slim.
  2. BUY IN BULK saves you time.
  3. MAKE A NOTE when you notice your credits are low. It is easy to forget when you are busy sending out announcements. Take 1 or 2 seconds to write down that your credits are low so you can replenish them at a more convenient time.
  4. IF YOU MANAGE THE CREDITS OF ALL YOUR COMMUNITIES contact to connect yourself to the auto-generated report so you can easily see which communities need credits.


We will not shut off your ability to communicate if you go into the negative credit amount. But if you remain in the negative credit amount for a long period of time or if you consistently dip below the negative credit amount you may face issues down the road. We recommend staying at a healthy amount of communication credits and staying in touch with your community!

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