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Tracking data with Call/Activity Logs

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019 04:56PM EST
Subsection: Data Tracking
Package: Premier
Difficulty: Easy


Learn how to use the call/activity log feature within Pilera to track interactions with your residents/managers/ and anything else they should be tracked for safety or future interactions.


The activity log feature can be found in the row of each of the people within Pilera as a symbol of a sheet of paper. By clicking on it you will bring up the activity log. You can also access the activity log and review previous activity logs by clicking on the persons profile page. 

Step by step:

Option 1:
  1. GO TO OCCUPANTS PAGE and find the person you would like to log.
  2. CLICK THE ACTIVITY LOG BUTTON in the same row as the person you would like to log.

  3. FILL OUT THE LOG and save it.

Option 2:
  1. GO TO OCCUPANTS PAGE and find the person you would like to log.
  2. CLICK THE RESIDENT PROFILE BUTTON to access the residents personal profile.
  3. CLICK THE ‘ADD OCCUPANT LOG ENTRY’ button on the bottom of the profile page. 

  1. The log should be recorded in the Occupant Log Entries section of the person's profile page. 
  1. Create a call log whenever you feel uneasy about an interaction. This way if your feelings are right you can always recall the old log entry.
  2. Don’t forget to review old entrees to put down how or if they were resolved. It is good to include the date of when the activity occurred and when it was resolved.

Activity logs are a way to track interactions that our message center or other features cannot. In person, phone calls, and any other ways you communicate should be placed into the activity log. Especially if the interaction involves important information, or involved something that you may feel uncomfortable about. 

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