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How to add a unit-level work order?

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2018 03:39PM EDT
Package: Premier
Difficulty: Moderate


To add a new unit work order to the existing list of unit work orders.


After selecting the ‘Unit Work Orders’ button under the ‘Tickets’ tab select the yellow button stating ‘Add Unit Work Order.’ After filling out the information with the red asterisks select the button at the bottom of the page that states “Add.”


  1. MOUSE OVER the ‘Tickets’ tab and select the ‘Unit work orders’ button.

  2. AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE select the yellow ‘Add unit work order’ button.

  3. THE INFORMATION WITH THE RED ASTERISKS is required to submit a new unit work order. Once you have filled out the subject, description, and category you are required to type in the ‘sub category’ after select the priority of the new unit work order. In the blue square you can search for occupants by name, email, unit, building, or street this is required.

  4. FILL IN THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION you feel necessary for the new unit work order, once this is completed select the button at the bottom of the page that states ‘Add’ to complete the new unit work order.



  1. You have the ability to attach a file along with the new unit work order. Select the yellow button that states ‘Add attachments’ in the attachments section. You can drag and drop the file you wish to attach from your computer. Select the new button that appears ‘attach files’ to add the file necessary for the unit work order.

  2. The job detail section allows you to track important vendor or maintenance data such as cost and time.
  3. You can notify the maintenance crew whether they can enter at anytime, should notify before entering, or the occupant must be present during the unit work order.



This is a simple way to add a new work order to the existing list of work orders. While viewing the entire list of work orders you can prioritize them by their significance from low, medium, high, or urgent depending on the situation.

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