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Can an Owner add their own Family/Tenants to their unit?

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016 11:29AM EDT
Difficulty: Easy


The intention of this article is to better inform you on how the owner of a unit can add their spouse, tenant, children, etc. into their unit. This allows the resident to stay informed on the community through phone, email, or text. 


An owner can click on the Unit Occupants tab within Pilera and add an occupant via the Add Occupant button.

Step by step:

  1. GO TO UNIT OCCUPANTS PAGE by clicking on the Unit Occupant tab within your Pilera account.

  2. ADD OCCUPANT by clicking the Add Occupant button with the Unit Occupant page.

  3. INPUT INFORMATION: Add any relevant information including name and contact information. Pilera would recommend adding their relationship to the owner in the notes section.

  4. SAVE by clicking the "Add occupant and go to occupant page" button. 



  1. The new occupant within the unit should appear in the Unit Occupants page.



  1. Add the relationship to the owner and any other relevant information into the notes section. (Ex. Wife, Teenage Son, Tenant)


A unit can contain a number of people whether it be a tenant, spouse, older child etc. Giving Pilera the important contact information of these residents could be essential to keeping them informed during an emergency or just the everyday events within the community. 

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