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Why am I not receiving emails?

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016 11:28AM EDT


We will go over some of the reasons you may not be receiving emails through Pilera. If none of these solutions resolve your issue you may need to contact Pilera Support directly.


There are a variety of reasons you may not be receiving emails from they are hidden in your spam folder, you have the wrong email address or something more complex.

List of possible reasons:

  1. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER: The most common issue is that your email client may consider the messages spam. Quickly check through your spam folder to see if it is located there. Mark the message as not spam to see if that resolves future issues.
  2. DO THEY HAVE THE WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS? Typing in an email address by hand may result in slight irregularities. Go over the email address and confirm it is the exact same one you are currently using. It could be something as minor as an extra letter a single wrong letter.
  3. EMAIL ISN’T YOUR PRIMARY CONTACT METHOD IN PILERA? Make sure your email is checked off as your preferred communication method.

  4. DID YOU UNSUBSCRIBE? Check your contact preferences to make sure you didn’t unsubscribe to your community’s emails. If you are it is a simple change to re-subscribe.


  1. The manager of the community can go into the message center to confirm it was sent to you.
  2. The manager can send you an email and you can confirm you received it.


  1. If you go through the list of potential problems and none of them are it is best to contact the Pilera support to see if they can resolve your issue.


There are many different reasons that you may not be receiving emails from Pilera. Because of this it is best to be as informed as possible and to convey that information to support if you must. 

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    4. Detailed description of the issue
    5. Actions taken to find the issue
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