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What functions can a board member perform in Pilera?

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 11:15AM EDT
 In this article we will list out the different capabilities a board member can perform or benefit from within Pilera. 


Board members have different permission settings within Pilera that grants them access to areas or information that normal residents do not receive. They can do all the same actions as a resident as well as the below listed capabilities. 


  1. APPEAR ON BRICKLET within the right hand side of the Pilera app. This will allow residents to see who their board members are.

  2. IN THE INCLUDE FILTER of the announcements feature. When sending out an announcement you can choose to include or exclude board members from it.

  3. PERMISSION SETTINGS IN DOCUMENT LIBRARY & KNOWLEDGE BASE can restrict access to a file based on whether they are a board member or not.


  1. If board members want some other functionality you can give them access to manage the communities Pilera Easysite by going into their profile and checked the web admin checkbox.
  2. If a board member needs to send messages or upload documents to the community, you can give them manager access. But be careful as that is a lot of responsibility.


Board members are granted a lot more responsibility and functionality over an average resident. Getting access to documents and other information not granted to a resident can help with security issues. 

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