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What can a resident do in Pilera?

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2019 01:16PM EDT


 In this article we will go over the different capabilities a resident can have while in Pilera.


Residents can perform a good amount of tasks within Pilera. They can make online payments, fill out online forms, review documents and events as well as a myriad of other tasks.


  1. REVIEW COMMUNICATIONS in the messages tab. A resident can see all previous messages you sent to them.
  2. MAKE ONLINE PAYMENTS to your community.
  3. REVIEW LEDGERS AND BALANCE through an integration with the property managements accounting system.
  4. UPDATE AND REVIEW PERSONAL INFORMATION such as communication preference, contact information, alternate addresses, alternate contacts, and vehicles.
  5. SEE PACKAGES currently in possession of your concierge or property management company. This service is most common in gated community or large apartment buildings.
  6. FILL OUT WORK ORDERS, both common area and unit level. A resident can also review in-process work orders they filled out previously.
  7. SEE EVENTS within the community. See upcoming cook outs, meetings, and other major events within the community.
  8. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS from the document library.
  9. SELL/BUY ITEMS, or give them away in the community marketplace.
  10. ANSWER THEIR OWN QUESTIONS with our self-help community knowledge base.
  11. SUBMIT ELECTRONIC FORMS through or form module. Forms are customizable to each community.
  12. MANAGE USERNAME/PASSWORDS including updating login information.
  13. ACCESS THE COMMUNITY EASYSITE which is a separate Pilera product that integrates with the Pilera app, acting as a community website.
  14. OPT-IN TO AND ACCESS THE RESIDENT DIRECTORY which allows residents to see a list of all the members who have opted to share their address and contact information with the rest of the community.


Residents have a large selection of information and actions they can take within Pilera. Getting them to use Pilera will both improve efficiency and satisfaction.

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