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How do I manage community website admins?

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2018 03:44PM EDT

Category: EZ Site or Data Management
Level: Easy
Package: none - Community Website Only


The intent of this article is to better inform you how to add a staff member as a Community Website Admin or to remove them from the Community Website Admin status.


A manager will be able to edit a staff member’s status through their record in Pilera to either add them or remove them as a Community Website Admin.

Step by Step:
  1. Hover over the Community tab and click “Occupants” (this is the default screen when you log into Pilera).

  2. Locate the individual’s record by typing in their name or email address in the Search bar.  Hint: View other methods to search for an individual record in Pilera.

  3. Once the individual’s record is located, click on the person icon or the person’s name.

  4. Under the “Personal” tab, click the pencil icon to edit settings.


  5. To add the individual as the website admin, checkmark the option “Community Website Admin”.  If you wish to revoke the setting from this individual, deselect the option “Community Website Admin”.


Pilera’s occupant record view provides a simple and quick way to edit an individual’s settings.  You can designate one or multiple individuals as a Community Website Admin.  Upon designation, the individual will be able to edit and publish changes to the website.  Visit our community and company website tutorials page for more videos.  

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