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Advanced Pet Info & Tracking

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2018 03:54PM EDT
Difficulty: Medium 

Summary: To add information on a resident's pet within the resident profile in Pilera and track the data at a later time.  If your community has a resident web portal, residents can manage and maintain their pet information.

In the resident profile, navigate to Unit Pets and add detailed information. Once complete, you can locate pet information using the advanced search.

Step by Step:
  1. Navigate to the community tab and click on Occupants.
  2. Select the specific occupant in the search bar or by searching down the list.
  3. Go to the Unit Pets tab on the left-hand side and click "+Add Pet" to add more pets.

  4. Add all the pet details as shown here and click "Add Pet" once finished.

Search Pets:
There are two ways to search for pet information within Pilera.
  1. Navigate to the Community tab and click on Unit Pets Search.
    • In the search bar, you can type partial and full pet and owner names, pet type, color, breed, tag number and street address.  Additionally, you can search by checking the pet type on the right-hand side.  

  2. When you are in the resident profile, navigate to Unit Pets.  
    • Then, click on Pets Search which will take you to the Unit Pets Search page.  

Download Pet Information
You can download a copy of all pet information for offline use.  Navigate to Occupants, Unit Pet Search, and click "Export All Unit Pets XLS".  Then enter in your email address along with any other email addresses in a separate line for each.

The advanced pet tracking module is an easy way to add and update important pet, owner and pet insurance information, as well as search for pet(s) using a variety of methods to get information quickly.

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