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Adding a New Vendor

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018 01:27PM EST
Summary/Goal: To create a new vendor record in the vendor management app.  You can manage actions such as adding all pertinent information to the vendor, assigning categories, and linking vendors to specific communities.  

Brief: Assign the Vendor Admin role to users by going to the User Roles Administration in the settings.  Then, to add a new vendor, navigate to the Vendor Management link in the settings.

Assign a Vendor Admin
Before a manager or their staff member can start managing vendor information in the portal, they must be assigned the Company Admin role or the Vendor Admin role.  The Vendor Admin role can then manage vendor information for all communities they manage.  For more information on roles, see our article on the types of roles you can assign and how to assign them.  

Adding a New Vendor

Step by Step:
  1. Hover your mouse over Settings, and click on "Vendor Management".
    Hint: Settings is located right next to the community selector.

  2. Click "+ Add a Vendor".

  3. Under the Vendor Information tab, fill out the following:
    • Vendor name
    • Contact information
    • Billing and physical address
    • Documentation dates
    • Insurance expiration dates and amounts
    • Any additional notes.
  4. Click "Save" and scroll back to the top of the screen.
  5. Click on the "Vendor Categories" tab.
  6. Check one or multiple categories to associate the new vendor to.

  7. Click "Save and Add to Community(s)."
  8. Check one or multiple communities to associate the new vendor to.

  9. Click "Review and Save".
  10. In the next window that states the vendor name, a summary of all linked communities will be shown.  Click "Save".
  11. Upon saving the new vendor record, a snapshot will appear on the right-hand side with more options:
    • Delete the vendor if they no longer work for the community.
    • Link additional communities to the vendor so that they can perform assigned work there.
    • Rate the vendor on a scale of 1-5 so you know who's the best to send for the job.
    • Edit vendor information.
    • Add staff and their communication preference so they can receive notifications.  

Adding a new vendor allows you to record and track all essential information, keep their license expiration date updated, assign them to different communities, view preferred vendors, and rate the performance of each.  Through the vendor management app, you can maintain your database of vendors and improve your maintenance life-cycle while ensuring residents receive the best customer service.  

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