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What is Pretender and how do I use it?

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2019 10:37AM EST
To learn how to use Pretender within an occupant's profile in Pilera.  Pretender is a valuable customer support tool managers can use to see exactly what a specific resident is seeing in their resident portal to help guide them or troubleshoot issues.  

The pretender icon can be found in each resident's profile on the personal tab.

  1. Click on the Community tab to take you to the Occupants listing page.
  2. Click on the occupant that you want to use Pretender for.  You will be directed to that occupant's personal profile.
  3. In the personal tab, click on the "eye" icon to "Pretend to be this occupant".

  4. In the dialog window that opens confirming if you want to pretend as the occupant, click "Okay".

  5. You now have entered the Pretender session and will be able to see exactly what your resident has access to in the resident portal.  

  6. To exit Pretender, simply click on "End Pretender Session" at the top of your screen.

Important notes about Pretender:
  • Through the pretender session, a manager can only view one occupant's unit view at a time.  To view another unit for an occupant in pretender mode, first "End Pretender Session", click on the other unit in the Occupants listing page, and follow the above steps to re-enter Pretender.
  • A resident's data cannot be edited in the pretender session.  To make changes to the data, first "End Pretender Session", click on the resident's profile, and proceed to update the information.  

Within a few clicks, you can use the pretender session to view exactly what a resident is viewing in their portal.  This is a very useful tool to use in your resident interactions and support calls/emails.  

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